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Wondering where the other pages on this site are? They are kept in a hidden menu in order to keep each page's presentation uncluttered. You can open this menu by clicking the icon located in the upper left corner of the screen. It looks like this: navigation icon

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Site revamp

I've updated my home page to be a Jekyll site hosted on GitHub Pages. The site style is based on the Lanyon theme for Poole.

When I was considering where to move my site, GitHub Pages was attractive to me because it's free, I'd learn to use git, and my site would be under version control. At first I considered just copying over the files from my previous site but I ran into a problem. My previous site ran on my own server so I was able to take advantage of server-side includes to patch together the HTML pages (useful for common header), but GitHub Pages only serves static sites. Jekyll provided the perfect solution for this because one of its core features is patching together HTML files.

Once I decided to go with Jekyll I learned about the basic concepts and started with a skeleton Jekyll project. Then I tried porting my existing site into the Jekyll project, but ran into some issues getting my previous site's CSS to render correctly. Maybe I could have got past these issues but I stumbled upon Poole and decided to use that as a starting point and just add the content from my previous site. Poole offers two default themes and I found Lanyon to be sleek and minimal so I went with that and added some minor customizations. It's my first experience writing content in Markdown and I'm loving it.

Thanks to all the developers who give their time, effort, and expertise to develop these free software solutions!